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The Best Of 2000
последнее дополнение 21 october 2006
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1. CAST Legacy 2. FLAMBOROUGHT HEAD Deffining The Legasy 2. KAYAK Close To the fire 2. GLASS HAMMER Chronometree 2. SPOCK`S BEARD V 3. ACT Today's Report 3. GALLEON Beyond Dreams 4. IQ The Seventh House 4. CROSS Secrets 5. LEGACY Where We Go... 5. RICOCHER Quest For The Heartland 5. IN NOMINE Matatis Mutaudis 6. CROSS Secrets 6. JAN ANDERSON(J. Tull) The Secret Language Of Birds 6. FRUITCAKE A Battle A Day 6. BIGELF Money Machine 7. MOONGARDEN The Gates Of Omega 8. FLOWER KINGS Space Revolver 8. LOST TALES A volo radente 8. П2 Dema Sera Un Altre Dia 9. SYLVAN Encounter 10. TWIN AGE Moving the deckchairs 11. KARNATAKA The Storm 12. CLIFFHANGER Circle 13. ARENA Immortal? 14. NATHAN MAHL Heretik: Volume 1: Body Of Accusatons 15. JADIS Understand 15. LA TULIPE NOIRE Shattered Images 16. MARTIN ORFORD (IQ) Classical Music & Popular Songs 17. JAN ANDERSON(J. Tull) The Secret Language Of Birds 18. ASGARD Drachenblut 19. VERSUS X The turbulent zone 20. SALEM HILL Not Everybody's Gold 21. VALINORS TREE and then there is silence 22. GERARD The Ruins Of A Glass Fortress 23. CINEMA Into The State Of Flux 24. SAGRADO A Leste do Sol, Oeste da Lua 25. ODYSSICE Impression 26. TEMPEST Balance 27. VIOLET DISTRICT terminal breath 28. WHITE WILLOW Sacrament 29. ROGER HODGSON Open The Door 30. SINGS OF LIFE A Tribute to pink Floyd 31. AXE The Crown
1. MAGENTA Revolution (2CD) 1. CLEPSYDRA Alone 1. GLASS HAMMER Lex Rex 1. TRANSATLANTIC Bridge Across Forever 2. THE VOW Another World 2. GREY LADY DOWN Star-Crossed 2. THE WATCH Ghost 2. PENDRAGON Not Of This World 3. MIKROMIDAS Brennende Drommer (диск переиздан в 2001, на самом деле диск 1978 года) 4. JADIS Medium Rare 5. PALLAS the Cross The Crucible 6. ACT Last Epic 6. CAST Laguna de Volcanes 7. SHAKARY (ex Clepsydra) Alya 7. INQUIRE The Next Pillow 7. ANYONE'S DAUGHTER Danger world 7. MALIBRAN Oltre L'ignoto 7. CRUCIBLE Curtains 8. MANNERISM (IQ,Pendragon,Jadis,Pallas,Nolan) 8. TRAUMHAUS Same 8. DEADWOOD FOREST melodramatic 9. SAGA House Of Cards 10. THE DECEMBER PIOPLE Sounds like 11. ALIAS EYE Field Of Names 12. ASIA Aura 13. MOSTLY AUTUMN The Lord Of The Rings 14. NATHAN MAHL Heretik: Volume 2: The Trial 15. RPWL god has failed 16. MICHELLE YOUNG Marked For Madness 17. THE LENS (IQ) a world in your eye 18. GLACIER Monument 19. IL CASTELLO DI ATLANTE Come il seguitare Delle 20. FLOWER KINGS The Rainmaker
1. MANGALA VALLIS Books Of Dream 1. PLACKBAND After The Battle 1. RITUAL Think Like A Mountain 2. SIMON SAYS paradise Square 2. SPOCK`S BEARD Snow 2. RPWL Stock 2. SINISTER STREET Trust 3. THE VOW Trojan 3. CAMEL A Nod And A Wink 3. GLASS HAMMER Lex Rex 3. Shakary (ex-Clepsydra) The Last Summer 3. GRAND STAND Trick Of Time 3. KOLLAR ATTILA Musical Withccraft-2 "Utopia" 4. SYNEMA Evolution For A Party Of One 5. RAISON DE PLUS ICI EST AILLEURS 6. ODYSSICE Moon Drive Plus 6. INES PROJECT Slipping into the Uncnown 6. SYLVAN Artufacial Paradice 7. NATHAN MAHL Heretik Volume 3: The Sentence 7. KAIPA Notes From The Past 8. METAMORPHOSIS After All These Years 9. TAPROBAN OGNI PENSIERE VOLA 10. SEVEN REIZH STRINKADENN 11. A.C.T. Imaginary Friends 12. KARMAKANIC Entering The Spectra 12. NYL(Russia) Same 13. ACIDENTE Technology 14. TOMAS BODIN Pinup Guru 15. CACTUS PEYOTES Same 16. SPHERE 3 Comeuppance 17. INDEX Liber Secundus 18. OMNI El Vals de los duendes 19. PETER GABRIEL Up 20 CITIZEN CAIN Playing Dead
1. STRANGEFISH Full Scale 1. METAMORPHOSIS Nobody Cares 1 RITUAL Think Like A Mountain 1. CRYPTIC VISSION Moments Of Clarity 2. KAIPA Keyholder 2. ACT Last Epic 2. KARNATAKA Delicate Flame Of Desire 3. NEAL MORSE Testymony 4. JAN ANDERSON(J. Tull) Rupi`s Dance 4. JETHRO TULL Cristmas Album 5. CAST Al-Bandaluz 6. SATELLITE(ex-Collage) A Street Between Sunprise And Sunset 6. GALLEON From Land To Ocean 6. INQUIRE Melancholia 7. X-RELIGION Dances On Gobelins 8. ARS NOVA Biogenesis Project 9. KAYAK Merelin-Bard Of The Unseen 10. NEW EDEN ORCHESTRA Any Man 11. NATHAN MAHL Shadows Unbound/Khymera 12. SAGA Marathon 13. TEMPEST Shapeshifter 14. Rick WAKEMAN And The New English Rock Ensemble 15. SPOCK'S BEARD Feel Euphoria
1. MAGENTA Seven 1. RED SAND Mirror Memory 2. THE WATCH Vacuum 2. CROSS Playgrounds 2. IQ Dark Matter 2. NEAL MORSE One 2. GLASS HAMMER Shadowlands 2. ZELLO Ferst chapter, second verse 3. WHITE WILLOW Storm Season 3. ANYONES DAUGHTER Wrong 3. FRUITCAKE Man Overboard 3. TRESHOLD Subsurfase 3. MIRAGE Tales from green sofa 4. AYREON The Human Equation 4. SAGA Network 5. KENS NOVEL Domain Of Oblivion 5. THE TANGENT ii: The World That We Drive Trough 6. TR3NITY Precious Seconds 6. FLOWER KINGS Adam &Eve 7. MARILLION Marbles 8. KERRY LIVGREN Proto - Kaw 8. RETROHEAD Retrospective 9. MOONGARDEN Round Midnight 10. HADDAD Ars Longa Vita Brevis 11. ELEGANT SIMPLECITI Anhedonia 12. CAST Nimbus 13. METAPHOR Entertaining Thanatos 14. SYLVAN X-Raed 15. KNIGHT AREA The Sun Also Rises 16. SAENS Prophet In A Statistical World
1, STRANGERFISH Fortune Telling 1. CRYPTIC VISSION Live At Rosfest 2. GLASS HAMMER The Inconsolable Secret 2. NEAL MORSE ? 2. K-2 Book Of The Dead 2. MAGIC PIE Motions Of Desire 3. MOONSAFARY A Doorway To Summer 3. ODISSEY (3CD) The Griatest Tale 3. THE VOW DevilIn Disguine 3. SATELLITE Evening Games 4. KAYAK Nostradamus 2CD 4. EXTROVERT Разбудив Океан 4, МАЛЕНЬКИЕ ТРАГЕДИИ Возвращение 4. MANGALA VALLIS Lycanthrope 4. DYONISOS Same 5. CARPTREE Man Made Machine 5. RPWL Start The Fire 2CD 6. RPWL World Throught My Ice 7. STEVE THORN Emotional Creatures part One 8. MOSTLY AUTUMN Storm Over Still Water 9. THOMAS BODIN I AM 10. KINO Picture 11. MARILLION Marbles 2CD 11. WETTON-DOWNES Icon 12. SPOCK`S BEARD Octane 13. DREAM THEATER Octavarium 13. NOVOX(ex-Cliffhanger) Novox 13. THIRTEEN OF EVERYTHING Welcome, Humans 14. THE SYN Syndestructible 14. SHADOW GALLERY Room V 15. METAMORPHOSIS Then All Was Silent 16. ARENA Pupper`s Ghost 16. DREAM THEATER Octavarium 17. QUIDAM Surevival 18. DRAMA Stigmata Of Change самые худшие релизы 2005 года (BAD Relises) Самое первое место по отстойности это русский проект МУЗЫКА ДЛЯ МОЗГОВ ЧАСТЬ 2 следом идут менее отвратительные релизы: 1. Pendragon самый отстойный диск за всю историю группы 1. RIVERSIDE Second Life Syndrome(очень странно, но данный диск на многих сайтах получил высший бал) 2. Kaipa /дрянь высшей категории/ 2. WOBLER /дрянь высшей категории/ 3. Pallas /дрянь высшей категории/ 4. Little Atlas /дрянь высшей категории/ 5. Magellan /дрянь высшей категории/ 6. IN NOMINE /дрянь высшей категории/ 7. RONIE STILT 2CD /дрянь высшей категории/ 8, STEVE WALSH /дрянь высшей категории/ 9, MIKROMIDAS /дрянь высшей категории/
1. CRYPTIC VISSION In A World 1. MAGENTA Home/New York Suite 2cd 1. NEXUS Perpetuum Karma 2, RED SAND Centry 2. A.C.T. Silence 2. LITLLE TRAGEDIES(Russia)МАЛЕНЬКИЕ ТРАГЕДИИ Шестое Чувство 2. SYLVAN Posthumous Silence 2 CAST Masaique 2CD 3. JADIS Photoplay 3. ASTRALIS Bienvenida Al Interior 3. MINDGAMES Actors In A Play 3. WILLIAM GRAY Living Fosils 3. ZENIT Surrender 4. SAGA Trust 4. MARYGOLD The Guns Of Marygold 4, SHAKARY Shakary 2006 (2cd) 4. FROST Milliontawn 5. BELIEVE Hope To See Another Day 6, ANYONES DAUGHTER CD+DVD Requested Document Live 1980-1983 vol.2 6. HACKETT STEVE Wild Orchid 6. PROTO KAW The Walt Of Glory 6. NEAL MORSE Send The Fire(Worship sessions volume 2) 7. US The Young And Restless 8. THE TANGENT A Place In The Queus 8. LITLLE TRAGEDIES(Russia)МАЛЕНЬКИЕ ТРАГЕДИИ Фауст (2CD) 9. SPOCK`S BEARD SB [b]Самые худшие диски -2006 /Bad Disks - 2006[/b] 1. FLOWER KINGS Paradox Hotel Guest book DAVID GILMOUR On An Island
1. THE WATCH Primitive 2. RED SAND Human Trafficking 3. CAST com.union 3. APPLE PIE(Russia) Crossroad (если бы не пятая и седьмая вещи-был бы лучшим диском года!!!!) 3. CARPTREE Insekt 4, NEAL MORSE Sola Scriptura 5, MARILLION Somewhere Else 6, Sylvan The Presets [b]Самые худшие диски -2007 /Bad Disks - 2007[/b] 1. NEXUS Buenos Aires Free Experience Vol.2

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