Очень сильный коллектив. Для любителей Дженезис. рецензию на русском смотрите ЗДЕСЬ . добавлю, что полностью согласен с автором!!!

A great band from Connecticut. On my first listen to Tall Tales, I thought "Wow, what a great Genesis clone band." However, after three or four subsequent listens, I realize this is entirely unfair. They definitely have a fair amount of Genesis influence, particularly in the Mellotron choirs and some of the synth solos. There's even some Steve Hackett-like guitar solos. But there's probably an equal amount of Jethro Tull influence, especially in the Hammond organ and flute parts, with some prog-metal leanings in some of the guitar parts, and some vocal harmonies reminiscent of pomp rockers Styx. The closing multi-part epic tune, "An Imp's Tale", is very Genesis-like, except for the vocals which remind me of Geddy Lee. All in all, they've really developed a great sound all their own with lots of references from familiar territory. They've played at Prog Day '98, NEARfest '99 and Baja Prog '99 to name just a few of their live performances. You owe it to yourself to check out the samples of their music on the Prog2K site (below) if you haven't heard them yet. Excellent and highly recommended for those who like symphonic prog. Can't wait to hear Curtains. -- Fred Trafton

Hailing from Connecticut, Crucible play a masterful blend of 70's flavored Genesis mixed with Kansas/Styx mainstream prog sounds. The band's first CD Tall Tales is a very strong debut, filled with some excellent songs that are highlighted by the powerful vocals of Bill Esposito and the vintage keyboard sounds from Tim Horan. Fans of Hammond, Mellotron and Moogs have much to savor here, especially on the epic track "An Imp's Tale", which clocks in at twenty minutes. The band really shows their maturation on their follow-up Curtains, which is a much more cohesive effort. The songwriting is even stronger, and the band has kicked up the complexity a notch to maybe help get away from the more neo-prog style of their debut. While some of the Genesis influence remains, guitarist Dan Esposito has a more upfront role, and exchanges intricate passages with Horan throughout. Songs like "The Swordplayer" and "A Man of Two MInds" are some of the strongest tunes the band has recorded. They even do a cover of Crack the Sky's "Nuclear Apathy" that more than rivals the original. Definitely a band on the rise. -- Peter Pardo

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